There is an issue with my download

Deluxe and Premier members, this can help trouble shoot quick fixes for any of your download issues:

  • A black logo: This is caused by a transparent logo. Under My Account and Personalizations, try uploading a logo with a white background (must be png and jpeg and under 245kb)
  • Critical Error when downloading PDF - Try resaving your Personalization settings. If that doesn't work, email
  • A black screen upon download: This is caused by your old account settings not saving properly. Visit My Account and Personalizations and click Save Settings
  • Slow downloads: Try uploading a smaller file size logo to your White Label settings - reference My One-Click Download Isn't Working for more details
  • White Label and Back Page Issues - Please watch this short training video on tips to stop formatting issues.

 You can also reach out to us at with any questions!

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