fpPathfinder and PreciseFP : Working Together To Flex Your Diligence & Efficiency

The most effective marketing tactics are the ones that link back to a specific goal. For 2022, Financial Advisor Michael Whitman established client engagement as his initiative for the year. PreciseFP was the ideal platform to host all the content he wanted to deliver to clients, and fpPathfinder served up the relevant content. Michael made it engaging, and his clients are responding. View the Webinar here.
Listen to Mike Lecours, CFP®, Co-Founder of fpPathfinder, Don Whalen, President of PreciseFP, and financial advisor Michael C. Whitman, MBA, CFP®, to learn:
- How PreciseFP makes it easy for advisors to build, schedule, and send meaningful client communications
- How fpPathfinder makes it seamless for advisors to simplify and streamline client communication campaigns within PreciseFP
- How the advisor can incorporate other pieces of the tech stack to deliver a robust client experience
- How Michael has measured his success
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