White Label and Back Page Settings

Deluxe and Premier members can white label and add a custom back page to their downloaded PDF checklists, flowcharts, and summary guides. View the below short training video before setting up your white label and back page. Plus, Premier members will want to check out the Share Link Settings video below as well. Still having trouble? Check out the below trouble shooting issues or email us at support@fppathfinder.com.

  • Check that you logo is the correct size or smaller
  • Check that your membership is showing Active and Deluxe/Premier (under Membership tab)
  • Check that any images have been uploaded and not pasted into the Content Body and are also the correct size
  • We recommend if you are copying and pasting anything, that you paste as plain text (vs. paste only)
  • Check out some Sample Backpages for inspiration!

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